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of media leaders

Though we are physically apart, that won’t stop us from connecting with our young creatives. Which is why we are bringing back our virtual summer camp for this year, but with a twist. This two-week camp will bring together students from the UAE and students from across the world, aged between 13 – 15 years old, to provide a fun and engaging learning experience that’s focused on the media industry.

What will
your child learn?

Your child will explore the world of media through lectures, demonstrations, and hands on workshops in a fun and entertaining way.

Jingle Production

Create your own music jingle from scratch using BandLab software with Berklee College of Music Abu Dhabi

Board Game Design

Brainstorm, design, and customize your very own board game from A-Z during a full-day crash course with Cation Arts

Videography and Editing

Learn practical videography and video editing from seasoned editors at Nomad Productions

Stop Motion

Stop, start, and study the basics of the eclectic videography style: stop-motion with Rubika Education

Mobile Content Creation

Get tips and tricks on how to film content for social media in a creative way using only your smartphone, with visual storyteller: Naema Alshehhi

Introduction to Design

Learn the basic elements of visual design using Photoshop, with Rubika Education


Unwind, relax, and use the power of movement and breath to improve your daily lives through yoga by Inner Seed

Public Speaking and Diplomacy

How to be a diplomat 101, crash-course with the Office of Public and Cultural Diplomacy

You are in control!

Be the executive producer of a CNN newscast. Learn what to film, how to film, who and why


Here’s all you need to know about E-sports and Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, from Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management

Objects Observation

Connect with UAE culture using objects and artifacts as inspiration from the past to create something completely new!

What to expect?

Learn from Abu Dhabi’s best media professionals, make new friends and have some fun.

Learn it

What is media? Children love watching movies but have they ever made one? We will show them all the secrets of the trade.

Make it

Cut! Take two! Ready? Action! At twofour54 summer camp, your children will design characters, star in their own news show, create short films and many other exciting activities.

Showcase it

At the end of the program, campers will learn a range of media assets they made from scratch and be able to show it to their friends and family.


what people are saying about our summer camps

This year’s first-ever virtual edition of our annual Summer Camp reflects our ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing environment and underscores twofour54’s commitment to empowering our youth and developing and nurturing the media community.

-Michael Garin, CEO, twofour54

I was part of summer camp since 2018 and year by year I was learning so much about the details that go into it. The kids are smart, joyful, willing to learn and explore the fun world of media. To be managing this project along side my colleague Ruaa, is such a thrilling experience that I’m excited to take on with arms wide open.

-Athari Alsaadi, Virtual Summer Camp Project Manager

Seeing the effect of our summer camp on our students throughout the years, and how it helped in developing their skills, personalities and boosted their confidence, is very rewarding! I’m happy to get the chance to co-manage this year’s camp.

-Ruaa Al Ahmadi, Virtual Summer Camp Project Manager

It is a very important Summer Camp that happens every year, and everyone at CNN is always so thrilled to be part of it. We look forward to it every year.

-Zeena Saifi, Mentor from CNN

The fact that this is how my summer is being spent is amazing, and I feel like this experience is definitely going to benefit me in my future.

-Basma AlMahmood, Volunteer

The community here is amazing and the time that I had here is the best.

-Saleh Amin, Summer Camper

We are usually unaware of what happens behind the scenes, and how films and shows come to life. My kids are actually learning so much through this camp.

-Mother of Summer Camper, Ghanim Al Qubaisi


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If you have other questions, feel free to send us an email at

My child doesn’t know anything about media, is that okay?

Of course, we welcome all skill levels. If they are passionate and dedicated, we are here to teach them everything they need to know about the world of media and entertainment.

My child loves food, is lunch break provided?

Since this is a virtual camp, your child will be enjoying his/her lunch at home. They will have a short break from 12:00 - 12:15PM (UAE time). Then a lunch break from 1:15 - 2:00PM (UAE time) daily. They are also welcome to munch on their favorite snacks throughout the day.

What is the classroom set up look like?

The program has limited spots and will be conducted through Zoom. The campers will be a mix of girls and boys between the ages of 13 - 15 for two weeks.

What is the format of the summer camp?

Campers will have different interactive and entertaining sessions from 11:00AM - 1:15PM (UAE time), followed by a follow-up session between students and the working team from 2:00 - 3:00PM (UAE time). All students will receive a “wonders box” before their camp commences, which includes all the session materials, stationary and required documents from partners.

Does my child need to bring anything?

All equipment will be provided. Before the beginning of the camp, our team will deliver a “wonders box” to your doorstep, which includes all the materials/giveaways your child will need during the camp.

Campers are required to speak English and have both a laptop and an iPad or iPhone or any smartphone or tablet to be able to enjoy the entire experience of the camp.

What if my child has to leave earlier on a specific day?

This is a wholesome course and we recommend each camper attends all online sessions. However, if they need to leave early on a specific day, please send us an email at and we will arrange accordingly.

What if my child wants to leave half way through the camp?

Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued. However, we are confident your child will have a blast!

What time does the camp start for my country’s time zone?

Our summer camp will launch from Abu Dhabi to the world, and the sessions will start every day at 11:00am and end at 3:00PM (UAE Time) UTC/GMT +4 hours


Materials fee for our virtual summer camp costs
450 AED (VAT Inc.) for two weeks. 

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Summer Camp

17-28 July 2016

AED 3,000/Child places are limited

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